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3:1 Relaxation Full Spectrum Organic Oil

3:1 Relaxation Full Spectrum Organic Oil


A blend of 2 strains; a strong indica blended with our own CBD strain. You can expect a good amount of pain relief and deep relaxation.



Organic growing, extractions and processing is the Green Hope Guarantee and what makes us different from any other Cannabis Company. Starting with the highest quality genetics, our plants are grown only from seed and are grown strictly organic, by the sun, in living organic soil.


Our organic and holistic extraction techniques guarantee zero solvents, stripping agents or chemicals are ever used in any of our processes. We rely on heat, pressure and sub zero temperatures to GUARANTEE our products are 100% NATURAL, ORGANIC AND CHEMICAL FREE from seed to sale.


All of our oils are rendered from sungrown, organic trimmed cannabis flower, and infused into Organic MCT oil. Full spectrum and terpenes remain intact in all of our processes. We test and render these oils for effects, marking them for their specific traits. Finally combining them in our proprietary blends.

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