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Treat Leaf 'Original' Gummies (9 Pack) 360mg

Treat Leaf 'Original' Gummies (9 Pack) 360mg


Looking for delicious, potent, and high-quality edibles? Then look no further, the Treat Leaf Gummy Original Candy Bag can satisfy your edible cravings. It’s made from superior quality ingredients, and is infused with the highest quality of THC distillate. There are no other gummy candy edibles like this. Aside from tasting unique and delicious flavors, you also get to enjoy the medical-grade effects of cannabis. Taste the delightful sweetness and sourness of these candies while feeling relaxed and euphoric.


Each pack contains three flavours (3 pieces of each flavour): Sour Grape, Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Watermelon.


360mg / 40mg per piece