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Plant of Life Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil - Sensual

Plant of Life Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil - Sensual

  • Made from 100% GMO-free organic hemp plants
  • 60ml Bottle
  • 1200mg CBD per Bottle
  • Single serving contains 20mg CBD
  • No additives or flavor
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Made in Canada


Why Choose Sensual Solution?



By combining CBD and aphrodisiac oil, Sensual Solution targets the pleasure molecule "anandamide" and help with enhanced sexual activity.



Interaction with the 5-HT1A receptor groups and an increase in serotonin levels promote a sense of well-being.



Remedy that may help relieve pain, ache, and discomfort. CBD contains an anti-inflammatory property which may offer a soothing experience for those with unwanted injuries.



Known to support the ECS (endocannabinoid system), CBD oil may help balance our mind & body's response to external stressors.



With a wide band of cannabinoids contained in Full Spectrum CBD, you may experience the synergy effect that boosts the overall benefits of CBD oil.


Ingredient Highlight

  • Compound: CBD, CBDV, CBC, CBG, CBN, THC
  • Ingredient: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Essential Oils (Rose, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood Bark, Angelica Root, Bergamot)


View Lab Report

  • Lab Report: Plant of Life Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil – Sensual


How to use

  • Squeeze the dropper and hold your desired amount
  • Drop the liquid under the tongue and allow it to rest for 30-60 seconds
  • For optimal result, use it consistently, day or night


Dosage Breakdown

  • Single serving 1ml = 20mg CBD
  • Half serving 0.5ml = 10mg CBD
  • Quarter serving 0.25ml = 5mg CBD
  • 60 servings per bottle
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