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Candy Pavé doubles down on The Menthol lineage, as it is one-half of the Pavé strain to which Eye Candy is crossed here. The Candy Pavé is a highly resinous strain with unbelievable bag appeal, which makes sense when you consider that the mother is called Eye Candy. Candy Pavé is full of intensely dark and deep purple colourations and an aromatic profile that effortlessly blends gas and minty herbal notes.

Candy Pavé is an indica-dominant hybrid that packs medium yields, she typically finishes flowering between weeks 8 and 9 and produces THC levels of between 27-30+%.

The result is a resinous, terpene-heavy cultivar that was a no-brainer to act as a receiver for the Pavé's reversed pollen.
Pavé itself is a cross of the legendary Paris OG clone-only cut pollinated with Compound Genetics' in-house creation of The Menthol which blends together Gelato #45 with White Diesel x High Octane x Jet Fuel.

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